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Basic Rider Skills for Returning Riders (BRS-RR)

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For riders 18 and over who have been riding on a temporary permit for at least a year, or who are starting to ride again after an extended time away from riding, the Returning Rider BRS (BRS-RR) is the course to take.


This 8-hour course will be offered during the training season at many sites in Ohio. It is designed for those over 18 years of age who have been riding with a temporary permit for longer than one year (over 1,000 miles of experience ) and for experienced riders returning to riding, with or without a motorcycle endorsement, after several years of not riding.

The cost of the course is $50.00 and is non-refundable. To take the BRS-RR course, you must have either a valid motorcycle temporary instruction permit identification card (TIPIC) or a motorcycle endorsement on your license.

Students will need to provide the following protective equipment: over-the-ankle footwear, long pants (without any holes), long-sleeved shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves and eye protection. Please also bring a DOT-approved helmet. If you do not have one, Motorcycle Ohio will provide one for you.


Classroom instruction (2 hours) includes the following:

Range activities (6 hours):

Students will be required to demonstrate sufficient skills in two basic control skill exercises to continue participation in the BRS-RR.*

Students will go through familiarization with the training motorcycles, then must demonstrate sufficient skills in shifting (1st & 2nd gear) and stopping and also must perform a control skills exercise (offset weaves, clutch control) to the satisfaction of the instructors. Students unable to demonstrate sufficient skills in the first two exercises will be counseled out of the course and advised to register in the Basic Rider Skills.

*No refunds will be provided if you cannot demonstrate basic control skills.

Students continuing in the course will then participate in on-cycle instruction in the following skill exercises:

Students will then take a skills test. Upon successful completion of the test, the student will be given a Motorcycle Ohio BRS course completion card and be eligible for the BMV skill test waiver for a motorcycle endorsement.



Motorcycle Ohio has a sufficient number of training motorcycles to provide each student with a motorcycle to ride during the riding portions of the course.

Student-owned scooters may be used in the BRS/BRS-RR. The authorization to use a student-owned scooter will vary by site.
In certain situations students may be able to use their own motorcycle. Students must have a good reason why they need to use their own motorcycle.

Even though a student may have a good reason to use their own motorcycle, the authorization to use a student own motorcycle in the BRS/BRS-RR will vary by site.

Any motorcycle/scooter model manufactured for on-highway use that meets the following criteria may be used:

An instructor will inspect the student's motorcycle/scooter for road worthiness prior to the first riding exercise. The student may then use their motorcycle/scooter in the class after a successful inspection and approval by the MO instructor.

Please note that three-wheeled motorcycles are not allowed in MO courses.


Medical and other special considerations

Please make the training site aware of any special requirements you may have so that arrangements, if possible, can be made ahead of time. Special requirements include anything you think may detrimentally affect your ability to safely operate a motorcycle. Examples include but are not limited to:

Riders with medical or other special considerations may be requested to sign an additional waiver and release depending on the type and severity of the medical condition which may effect the rider's ability to safely participate in the course. Additionally, the rider may be requested to have a physician verify in writing the medical condition and the physician's assessment of the medical condition and its impact on the student’s ability to safely participate in the riding portions of the course.